Look For The Badge Of Certification And You Will Appreciate Why Industries Rely On Casting Companies


The casting and/or foundries business has been ongoing since the close of the Second World War of the previous century. Today most industries known to us rely on a number of aluminum, metal, sand and magnesium casting companies for their design and manufacturing requirements. In turn, the products that these industries produce ensure that our lives are secure and convenient. There is a specific badge of honor that accompanies its certification.

Look out for the ISO badge of certification. This states that the casting company is fully certified to carry out its business. Superior surface finishes in sand casting are par for the course in producing molds and finished articles for industries as diverse as aerospace, agriculture, construction and the military. Superior surface finishes are delivered consistently. Other industries reliant on casting companies’ design and manufacture work include the electrical and food processing sectors.

The oil and gas industries cannot do without casting either. Power tools and all medical and laboratory equipment are reliant upon the casting processes. The degree of certification is given after inspection of the design and manufacture premises. It will typically include complete pattern making facilities and automatic molding, cope and drag and squeezer lines. A sand foundry that requires no baking is a familiar sight on these premises.

The hot and cold boxes form part of the complete core facilities which are backed up by complete finishing facilities. Heat treats, as they are known, are certified. So too all chemical and laboratory specific testing facilities. The casting processes are all manhandled by skilled artisans also known as metalworkers. A trade certificate is required to show that the expertise is in place to carry out the work required.